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Paper embroidery has now becoming more and more popular. The increasing number of people, applying to both men and women, are making their crafts look more elegant with the help of paper embroidery. These fans of paper embroidery, who view this art as a craze, are the people excited in scrap booking.

It was not recently that people are starting to do paper embroidery. It has since existed for many years. There are already thousands of paper cards with paper embroidery on them being sent to different parts of the world. Today, paper embroidery is getting even more popular with the increasing number of people seeing the creative and beauty an item can be with a touch of embroidery design on it. This item can also be a personal thing as it was embroidered with your very own design.

If you are interested in making paper embroidery, why not start to design and create your very own master piece, either for yourself or a friend. Paper embroidery, take an example of creating a paper embroidery card, is not as difficult as you may think and as a matter of fact, it is very easy.

Handcrafting requires you to follow a certain guideline when you are going through the process. Likewise, paper embroidery is not an exception. Selecting suitable paper for stitching is one area you have to look into. These papers are very easy to get as they are available in your local art-supply stores and even some of the bookstores. You should simply look for fibrous and stiff papers. In addition, if you want to embellish on papers, brittle and crisp paper will do the job just fine.

After preparing the right papers for your paper embroidery art, you should begin to look for a suitable adhesive to assemble the pieces. It is very common for those making paper embroidery to use sticky substances like glue stick, double sided tape, adhesive dots and others to do the job. For added effects, they also use staples and bond fabrics.

The next essential item on your list should be a good stabilizer. The stabilizer is used to handle and keep the paper in place on the embroidery hoop. You should always consider the durability and thickness of the paper before getting your stabilizer. It is advisable, whenever possible, to get one that is not activated by water as it might damage your papers. These water-activated stabilizers should also be avoided if you are thinking of dyes or inks on your materials.

Following a suitable stabilizer, the next in line important item is the needles for your paper embroidery project. Not all needles are suitable and fit your papers. Consider using very fine needles for your craft to give you the best possible results. You should also make sure that these needles are suitable for the threads that you will be using. To many people who have experience in paper embroidery, the 75/11 embroidery needles are the best ones to handle the job.

Last but not least, pick the suitable thread that you want to use. Choose the one that suit you style the best as you will find that they are available in various colours and texture. You can try different thread combination to get the right ones you like. In short, have fun experimenting different combination as many times as possible.

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