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What Are The More Usual Choices for Embroidery Threads

Regardless of whether you are sewing a cross-stitch or completing a project on embroidery with the use of your computerized embroidery machine, you will definitely have the occasions when you see some embroidery threads that are very beautiful to look at. Such embroidery threads are available in various textures and colours to fit any palate. The best part is that such embroidery threads are actually not expensive.

On the other hand, every embroidery design or project has its own ideal embroidery threads to make it outstanding because there will not be any particular thread or types of threads suitable for every embroidery design. Nevertheless, there are certain embroidery threads that you must permanently remove from your list, even though you may still wish to take a look at them.

You may wish to consider the following list for some of the most frequently used embroidery threads. Who knows, you might be able to find your ideal choice from the list below!

Cotton Thread

Although the cotton embroidery thread is usually used in embroidery works, it has very often been left out for some unknown reasons and you might have come such a situation before too. If you have the experience of using it, you will be fully aware that the cotton threads have been commonly found to provide soft and beautiful sheens. Such threads are ideal for any kinds of embroidery designs and today, they are available in weights as well. The cotton threads are usually used in machine embroidery because of their great coverage and strength that you cannot find in other threads.

Rayon Thread

Today, the embroidery thread that has the great popularity is none other than the rayon thread. Most people like the rayon thread more than others because it is better able to produce an attractive sheen. This result is even more obvious when stitched on an embroidery fabric. In addition, the rayon thread also gives a more continuous and problem-free result, thus you can complete your project with having to change the thread because of breakage or any other similar problems. As a result of its popularity, the rayon embroidery thread is now commonly available in practically every colour and they can also be purchased from anywhere around the globe.

Polyester Thread

One other fantastic choice that you can think about for that embroidery project of yours is the polyester embroidery thread which is also at a reasonable price. The result it yields is comparable to the rayon thread and you can also make purchases of it in a great range of colours. The best thing about the polyester embroidery thread is that it does not fade in colour, bleed or shrink due to excessive washing.

Silk Thread

The silk thread is thought to be the best thread available and it is the most ideal for dyeing because it has better absorbance for dyes, as compared to other fibers available. It is a very strong and durable thread, like the cotton thread and polyester thread. It is commonly used for embroidery because it does not have a breakage problem. In fact, most expensive fabrics make use of this kind of threads.

Metallic Thread

One type of threads that is slowly increasing in popularity is the metallic threads as a great number of embroidery works involved work with it. Numerous slender pieces of metal foil are used to wrap the centre core of the thread, with the end result of producing a new type of thread known as the metallic thread. Similar to other embroidery threads available in the market, such threads are also sold in many different colours created by adding colours to the foil via the use of a polyester film. To get a more durable kind of thread, you will want to consider the metallic threads.

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