47 Meters Down Dual Audio movie watch online

47 Meters Down

47 Meters Down Dual Audio movie watch online

Young sisters Kate and Lisa and a trip to Mexico for holidays full of sun, fun and adventure. Lisa needs extra convincing when Kate puts them immersed in water filled with sharks. Safe in their protective cage exploring conversation partners in sight with a group of majestic big white. Their worst fears become reality when a cell breaks away from its boat, sending them to the bottom of the sea with the reduction of oxygen supply.

47-meter drops sistersKate and LizaOtpravlyaytesin Mexican holidays get a chance to go diving in a cage to see white-collar sharks. But they changed a fun ride into a nightmare when an observation cage came out of the boat and fell to the bottom of the ocean bottom. Stairs 47 meters underwater with less than an hour of oxygen remaining in their tanks, the sisters need to find a way back to the surface.


Classification: NA

Date of General Release: June 29, 2017

Genre: Thriller

Lead time: not available

Distributor:GSC Movies

With: MendiMur, Brokers Holt, Metyu Modin, Santiago Segura

Director: Johannes Roberts

Format: 2D