How to have a memorable Scottish Gravestone Memorial for your Loved One

Celebrating the death anniversary of a loved one is a very emotional and sad moment. This is a time for family gatherings, remembrance and celebration. There are many different things to do in memory of a beloved family member or friend. Here you have a list to choose from. There are a wide range of edinburgh headstone services that you will come across if you do some research online. Here are some top tips for your memorial:


Visit the final resting place

Although a classic, it is still recommendable to do this as part of “whole day program” to commemorate your loved one’s passing. Plus, taking the time to visit the grave, or the place where you scattered the ashes are special ways to appreciate what they meant to you while they sleep for eternity.


Get down to writing

Some people like to write in order to express their feelings, and it works. If you have never done this before, you can try to write a letter, a poem, or a blog (if you are more prone to technology). Either way, it is quite helpful and meaningful under these conditions. Writing down feelings, regrets, experiences and ideas related to your loved one is a therapeutic way to process regrets and grief.


Remember them through their favorite song

Music tends to be an emotional channel when expressing feelings. In this case, it is not much different. There are certain songs that remind us of their laughter, voice or the way they dance. In a matter of sorts, it makes it looks as if they are still present and alive. Music is definitely a way to bring back memories long overdue. Listening to their favorite songs on that day is a great tribute.


Get a hold on old family albums

Family or couple albums bring back to the present all sorts of feelings and sentiments. Seeing those moments spent together with your loved one is a way of commemorating their lives. Old snaps are most definitely a way to keep people alive.


Get a tribute candle

Memorial candles have been used during death anniversaries for centuries. It is a way to show respect and love for those that passed away. It really doesn’t matter where you do it: at home, the burial site or church, it has the same meaning. It is advisable to create special candles with the loved one’s initial. Also choose a scented candle (with the loved one’s favorite fragrance) that helps to bring memories back.


Create a video

Making a video every year dedicated to your loved one is an amazing way to keep the memories alive. The amount of time you are going to spend doing it is but proof that they still mean the world to you.


Have a flower arrangement

Flowers have their own language to express people’s feelings. A beautiful bouquet of flowers at your loved one’s grave or at home is a great way to show them what they still mean to you.

You can select any of these ideas or create your very own. At the end, the important thing is that you remember the day, and honor their lives in any way you want.